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January-February 2008 Briefing

In This Briefing:
FlakeHQ Interviews: Michael Harnick
Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic Take Two
Flaker Creativity On Sheehan's Win and New Poem

FlakeHQ Interviews: Michael Harnick 

I began the Nov-Dec 2007 Briefing with exclamatory praises for Michael Harnick’s new web site, ShockingPsoriasis.com. For this update, I’ve interviewed Michael.  If you like (or at least appreciate) his web site, you’ll love the interview.  Click here to go to the Interviews main page or here to go straight to the Harnick interview.

Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic — Take Two

In the Nov-Dec 2005 briefing I promised a return of my book, Flake: Confessions of a Psoriatic in 2006.  So ... I’m two years late.  You may have noticed its addition to the Menu Bar at the top of most FlakeHQ pages. Clicking there (or here) will take you to the contents page of the updated online version.  You will see the Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2 are hyperlinks. That means they have been updated and are available online. With luck, I’ll be able to update 2 or 3 chapters for every update, until all 10 chapters and the Appendix (about the National Psoriasis Foundation) are done.

“Update” in this context means the addition of a postscript that adds information, ideas or stories not captured in the 1995-96 version of the book. There was a lot I hadn’t experienced back then and, of course, we’ve got a bunch of new drugs that weren’t available. The “outdatedness” of the original book is what compelled me to pull it off the market at the end of April, 2005.

Most of you who visit FlakeHQ regularly have not read the book that started it all.  You may want to read excerpts from the National Psoriasis Foundation’s October 1996 review of the book (pre-release). 

One of the reasons why I’ve wanted to republish Flake: Confessions online, here, is this: As a flaker who writes, I’ve found my time spent in and with this online community has been considerably more satisfying than the lonely hours of a diarist coming to grips with his Skin Demon — which is what I was from ’90-’95 when the stories recounted in Flake: Confessions were first put to paper. Those stories “feel better” as part of this community, and they’ll feel even better if they inspire you to add your stories, comments and reflections.  I hope you’ll feel compelled to do so.

Flaker Creativity — On Sheehan’s Win and New Poem 

FlakeHQ’s Poet Laureate Sherry Sheehan has won first prize and a $25 check from the California Federation of Chapparal Poet's November contest for a poem titled “Fenced.”  To read the poem, visit Sherry’s poetry home page and scroll down about half-way until you reach “FENCED.”   A bit handier (since you’re here already) is Sherry’s contribution to FlakeHQ for January-February 2008 — “Baggage.”  Visit Sherry’s page at FlakeHQ, or hyperlink directly to the poem.