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No Clear Directions from FlakeHQ
from Allen K.

I’ve been remiss, Ed.  I wrote in June of 2001 about your review of Robert Connolly’s Book and expressed my doubt about the science behind both his and John Pagano’s dietary cures for P.  But it wasn’t until this week (between Christmas and New Years, 2006) that I read your interview with Dr. Pagano.

I was stunned to read these words from Pagano:  “I would rather be the kind of physician that can get sick people well without necessarily being able to explain it than one who cannot get people well but can explain it.”  Am I reading something into the line, or is Pagano himself suggesting the mechanism of leaky gut syndrome has not been satisfactorily explained?  I hope so, because I find his explanation vastly unsatisfactory.

You try to be fair to all these “ideas” about how to treat (cure) our affliction and I admire that about you and FlakeHQ.  (I do return to read the site, though the gaps between visits can be measured in years!)  But among all the ideas (and some I would call schemes) it’s difficult to get any clear direction.  I realize that’s not an actionable criticism.  As a journalist — and I assume that’s how you would characterize your role as administrator of FlakeHQ.com? — you’re not in the business of telling folks what to do.  Your task is to provide a sort of panorama of information. 

So, when I remember to stop what I’m doing and settle down for a few moments in front of the computer to peruse FlakeHQ, I really am not surprised to see the milieu of suffering and hope and pursuit of improvements is as messy and confusing as ever.  Having said that, I must end by saying I really like the interviews.   They are a fun and informative addition to FlakeHQ.  And, of course, the humor: “Don’t Say This” is always worth catching up on.  Thanks!  -Allen K.


Ed’s Response:  Hmmm.  I think “thank you” is in order.  I loved your line, “the milieu of suffering and hope and pursuit of improvements is as messy and confusing as ever.”  The feeling in that line is agreeable to me though I’ll argue the facts with you.  I do believe the psoriatic “milieu” has evolved for the better.  However, in doing so it HAS become more confusing.  Available treatments have at least quadrupled in the past two decades, and because the superiority of one treatment over another is unique to each flaker, there can really be no “clear direction” for the newly diagnosed to follow.  “Informed experimentation” is probably the closest we can come to a “direction” as we close out 2006. 

One of the things I implemented at FlakeHQ since last you wrote, Allen, is the directories of email that go all the way back to 2003 on an issue-by-issue basis (the links can be found immediately under the title on the Mail page).  A few readers pointed out to me that the Archives and the home page “search” feature were useful if you wanted to find content based on key words, but not so good for browsing, especially if you are an infrequent visitor.  I started a similar directory for Briefings (listing topic headlines) in 2005 (again, the link is under the title on the Briefing page). 

These directories may enhance your FlakeHQ experience.  And while you may not find a clear path to your own best treatment regimen, at least you’ll feel you had signs to rely on along the road.  <Wink>  -Ed

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