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Two Months on Pagano and Already Convinced
from Adnan I.

Dear Ed:  I would like first to thank you for this value added website.  I have been reading emails for a week or so, and find the site is filled with important information and ways to control P.  I am a member of several P forums, but what I like about FlakeHQ is its openness and the readers’ ability to hear about all things!   This is rare actually, so let me tell you my story and how my P is on its way to being cured.

I am 26 years old and I’ve had psoriasis for about 10 years.  In my quest for effective treatments, I’ve left no door unopened, but after some devastating medicine (tigason) I promised myself not to use any more harmful medicines (including cortisones and other stuff).   

Once P covered all my body except my face, but it has twice mysteriously vanished!  Ironically, my derms have never said anything concerning diet, but I’ve always felt there must be a connection between what I eat and my P (especially what I drink and various meats).  Eventually, after a lot of web surfing, I found Dr. Pagano a couple of months ago.

I ordered the book, Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative and read it within 3 days.  Then I prepared myself for a long term regimen.   (I can confirm that it's not easy at all!)   It’s been worth my trial so far.  I’m now in my second month and guess what!  P's clearing from my hands, scalp and face.  Also the flaking and itching is less than before.  I'd recommend this diet to people with strong willpower because it requires a lot but the payoff is great.  I’m on flaxseed oil, evening primrose and Lecithin, and a couple of natural herbs which are known in our region, Saffron is good.

I believe that Psoriasis has a cure and this is a sure thing!  I lost the hope many times but I’ve re-gained it and now it’s stuck in me!

Keep up the hope, guys!  I wish you a life free of psoriasis.  -Adnan I.


Ed’s Response:  Your commitment and your exuberance are surely a major component in your success so far, Adnan.  I’m wishing, hoping for your continued success.  Write to us again with more updates.  -Ed

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