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Another Dermacinz Success Story
from Sean G.

Dear Ed:

RE: Dermacinz in the UK

Thank you for your continued information on P, and a great contribution to the flake scene, I read Kirsten’s update on the product Dermacinz and thought I would give you my information on its use.

Initially I was very skeptical about the products relative to your article on it  Dermacinz in the UK, so I put off buying it, but continued to read people getting success with in various web sites, and newspaper editorials, so thought I would try it!

I have now been using the products for 9 months and the difference in my skin is quite remarkable.  At a recent visit to my Dermatologist he took note of the products and the difference it has contributed to my P.

In the past I have used many products and even tried Tigason [an oral retinoid available in the UK, comparable to Soriatane in the U.S. -Ed], which has severely effected my liver.  So, to find Dermacinz which is so easy to use, is a revelation.  I would only say to people who want to try new products like this to be cautious, as you warned, but I am only glad I tried it.

As for skin becoming acclimatized to Dermacinz, well, nine months on I am still clear. 

I hope this information is of some use to you.  Again I thank you for your continued maintenance of this web site.  Your efforts are appreciated this side of the pond.  -Sean G.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Sean.  For all readers, here are quick links to previous correspondence about the Dermacinz line of products:

My initial “cool” reaction to the products (Dermacinz in the UK) was sparked by the company’s lack of ingredients disclosure at their web site.  I wrote this: 

The name is compelling:  Dermacinz.  "cinz" is, of course, "zinc" spelled backwards.  There already is (or has been) a product called Dermazinc, which might have compelled these folks to get cutesy with the spelling.  One assumes "zinc" is important in the title because it is the active ingredient.

I just checked again and was surprised to see — right at the top of the home page! —

We are pleased to announce that the topical use of zinc in our patented product Dermacinz®, is a safe, successful, and highly effective treatment for skin problems.
*contains no steroids

And about that I have no quibble!

Three success stories so far and not a single correspondence against the product works for me.  -Ed

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