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Kalawalla Plus Essential Oils
from Ferat S.

Dear Ed:  I have been reading your website for about 3 months when I decided to find a solution to my P.

My doctor gave me Dovonex and a cortisone-based cream.  They worked but P came back very quickly and went to another location, also.  I have found Kalawalla and read intensively about it from the medical journals and studies.

During my search I have also found that essential oils and their proper ratio help reduce inflammation in the skin.  So, I ordered Kalawalla from Organic Hope and started to use it with essential oil supplement.

The itching that made me very uncomfortable was gone in the first couple of days.  Less itching led to less stress on my skin and myself.  Thus, the P cleared in about 3 weeks.

I am not sure whether Kalawalla or the essential oils are doing the trick. I am almost done with my 90 days of Kalawalla.

Kalawalla may be slow to do the trick but when it is used with a general treatment (such as essential oils, soothing creams etc), it works  a lot faster.  In fact there is a study which says Kalawalla reduced the treatment time of UVA and reduced possible side effects from UV light.

Anyway, I just wanted to let fellow flakers know that Kalawalla did work for me. However, for a prolonged solution, the P-friendly diet, exercise, and reduced stress are essential components. As Francis S. points out in her email, we need to fight P with multiple battles for a complete victory.

Have a nice day. -Ferat S.


Ed’s Response:   For many of us, scratching to relieve the itch of P is our single greatest barrier to improvement.  This is true for every kind of skin psoriasis that itches but is probably most visible in association with scalp P.

Incessant scratching will prevent or undo the work of virtually any treatment.  This is because scratching damages the skin — whether you see the damage or not — and that naturally stimulates the immune system to do more of what it is already doing that causes the lesions.

Bearing all this in mind, it’s no surprise to me that the relief you’ve obtained from the itch through using essential oils may be making the Kalawalla work faster than you expected.  You won’t know for sure, though, unless you stop using one or the other (Kalawalla or essential oils) and observe the changes.

On the other hand, what’s more important right now?  Relief from scratching and lesion-free skin ... or knowing just how you obtained them? 

I tend to agree with you, Ferat — and to agree with Francis S. — that to be truly “beaten,” P must be fought on many fronts.  I hold out hope that a pill, or a shot, or an infusion may someday be found that just stops it (without killing us!), but until that day comes we are fooling ourselves to think any single product we use or regimen we engage or diet we follow is going to thwart the beast forever.

Thanks for sharing, Ferat.  -Ed

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