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Starting Kalawalla
from Don H.

Ed:  I'd like to share some of my experiences and describe what has worked best for me to date.

I'm 51 and have had psoriasis since age 22.  My best results have been achieved using a combination of Dovonex, a topical steroid, and light (whether sunlight in the summer months or tanning beds in the winter).  However, as most people report, the therapy will work extremely well for awhile until the immune system finds a way to beat the topicals.  I can typically count on ~3 months of excellent control (totally clear skin) before the psoriasis begins to return.  At that point I go cold turkey on the topicals and return fairly quickly to more than ~70% coverage (torso, arms, and legs).  I find that discontinuing the topicals immediately upon observing a lapse in effectiveness allows me to cycle back on them more quickly than if I taper off.

I have been looking for alternative therapies to modulate with the Dovonex/steroid.  I've tried fish oil and the "almost" gluten-free diet with no success.  If psoriasis is triggered by an allergic-like response to gluten, then the ~4 month diet that I followed is not a true test.  My diet was wheat-free (no breads or pasta — ouch!), but not gluten-free.  Gluten is everywhere, and I didn't have the strength/motivation to totally change my eating habits.  One item of note for folks looking to cut weight: I was a major sugar fanatic before going wheat-free for 4 months.  The diet had me in near agony for the first week (starving for lack of the fillers and snacks).  After about a week I lost all craving for sugar.  Although no longer actively cutting all wheat products from my diet (I'll have occasional pasta, but no bread) the craving for "junk food" is totally gone.  Wish I could ditch psoriasis as easily.

Anyway, I've read others' experiences with Kalawalla and have decided to start.  Received an initial 4 month supply yesterday, and started immediately (as a side note, they are currently sending an extra 30% count as an unadvertised special).  I'm taking digital photos along the way and plan to carefully track other potential factors; e.g., sessions in the tanning beds or dietary factors.  I am currently off the Dovonex/steroid and am at a low ebb in the cycle — I will not use any of these topicals while evaluating Kalawalla.  I'll keep you posted.  The results will hopefully be as positive as others have experienced!

Thanks again for the website, and keep up the good work.  -Don H.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Don.  We look forward to your well logged and photographed experience with Kalawalla and other factors. -Ed

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