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Follow-up on Diet “Like” Pagano
from Rae D.

Hi Ed:  I wrote back in July/august about the diet i had been put on by my naturopath [Diet “Like” Pagano Working with Topicals for Her].  I was just rereading it and thought I'd send an update.

Well, the 30 patches are now 4, and about 5mm long, and the major patch on my leg has completely disappeared. I was pretty astonished after having it for 4 years.  Also there are still patches of scalp P but its not as severe as before.  I've become a bit slacker on the diet.  I found out that I can't live without chocolate, so that’s a daily extravagance.  But I've cut out a lot of dairy and gluten and red meat, drink [alcohol] only a couple of times a week, eat more veggies and fish, and get more exercise.  Plus I take a massive array of vitamins from the dark side of the vitamin cabinet — bromelain, flavonoids (both of which are anti-inflammatory), fish oil, and zinc are the usual, twice a day.  The bonus from the diet is that I've managed to maintain a steady weight that is about 3-4 kg less than my previous one.  So I'm pretty happy all up.

Not sure what did it — I suspect it was a combination of everything — but I do know if I miss the vitamins for a week or so, when I start taking them again everything is less itchy and inflamed in a day or two.

Cheers, -Rae D.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for the update, Rae.  I was able to find a number of references by Googling “flavonoids.” This is one more bit of compelling evidence that diet plays a role.  You admit you’re not being perfect about the diet and — are we surprised? — your results aren’t perfect, either.  -Ed

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