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My Skin’s On Fire Creator Responds to Ed’s Comments
from Fred Finkelstein, producer-writer-director

Hi Ed:  I just read what you wrote about my film.  Thanks for the “one of a kind” endorsement. Yes, it's the first of its kind, to be sure, and as you now know yourself this creation was clearly both MY particular experience as well as a general overview of treatments along with benefits and risks.

Actually, one of my intentions was to be able to present my work as a kind of introduction for the newly-diagnosed patient, so I don't agree with your assessment that it might be “unnecessarily traumatizing.”  Yes, Psoriasis IS powerful as many of us know, yet I felt I had to capture the potential impact of the illness on those of us with moderate to severe disease.  And perhaps this viewing experience may be unduly sobering for the new members, but ultimately, as you noted, it DOES hold out a message of hope and for that reason alone everyone with this disease should see it.

Knowledge (and information) is almost always a springboard to personal power, right? But I think you get my point.  Thanks again for focusing on my life-long dream to create a meaningful moving-image experience of this most challenging condition. Best Regards, -Fred Finkelstein


Ed’s Response:  In spite of how we feel about flaker newbies watching this important documentary, very quickly the “tuned in” portion of that community won’t be able to avoid knowing the film exists.  That’ll mean, Fred, that newbies  are going to see it no matter my apprehensions or those of Mitch R. (see Medical Pros and Insurance Folk Need to See My Skin’s On Fire).

Mitch R.’s salient suggestion is that medical professionals and insurance eligibility decision-makers need to see your film.  And I agree emphatically.

My FlakeHQ Interviewee this month, Sheri Decker, is hard at work in the international psoriasis community and, in the process of interviewing her, it occurred to me your film should also be available globally.  I hope you, Genentech and any other of the film’s sponsors will encourage its translation and/or subtitling for international distribution.  The International Foundation of Psoriasis Associations is a place to start.

Readers:  If you haven’t yet obtained your free copy of My Skin’s On Fire (DVD), you may still have a chance by enrolling in Genentech’s online psoriasis community, BeyondPsoriasis.com.

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