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Narrowband UVB is His Lifesaver
from David M.

It works….at least it is so far. I have been very sporadic on the UVBNB [UVB light, narrow bandwidth as compared to standard UVB] due to work and other commitments, but even getting it once a week I have had very good results.  Even other people who are used to seeing my flakes are asking what I am doing.

I do the UVBNB in Victoria , BC and am thankful for it. I am attempting to do some acting but the psoriasis on my neck has discouraged people, including my agent, from giving me parts. Now I have a chance to do them because the lesions are disappearing.

P used to cover approximately 60% of my back and that is down to 30% after only 3 weeks of treatment. And best of all my wife no longer calls me “flakes” or “flakey” (now I am just “nuts” or “strange”).   

I have tried just about every treatment possible and either nothing worked or it came back overnight when I quit using whatever cream or topical or pill I was on. I have tried everything from coal tar to methotrexate and UVBNB is my life saver. -David M.


Ed’s Response:  Great news, David.  Narrowband UVB was introduced with a flourish in the States a couple of years ago but the splash has subsided.  According to NPF literature (Phototherapy:  Light Treatment for Psoriasis, an educational brochure available to members) the treatment can be more effective than standard broadband UVB and safer than PUVA (UVA light treatments in concert with the drug Psoralen, which increases one’s sensitivity to light).   Narrowband UVB is also supposed to require less time exposed and fewer exposure occasions to get similar or better results.  The drawback is that the narrowband light machines are expensive, consequently the treatments can be, too — which is probably more of an issue in the U.S. than in Canada. 

I hear from many flakers who have received phototherapy on and off for years and are concerned about the long-term health of their skin.  I hope they will read your email and ask about the potential benefits of narrowband UVB in their areas.  -Ed

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