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PRP (Pityriasis rubra pilaris) Online Support Group
from Richard Greene

Ed:  I have recently noted that FlakeHQ sometimes hears from people who learn they have PRP (Pityriasis rubra pilaris).  There may be some lack of understanding, but it is believed that Psoriasis and PRP are different diseases.

My purpose in contacting you is to alert or remind you about a PRP on-line Support Group.  It is uniquely prepared to assist with information and support.

PRP is often misdiagnosed during early phases and we know that Psoriasis is often suspected first, prior to a correct diagnosis.

Please make certain that members of your site know we are a PRP resource.  In addition, please contact me about any specific PRP information needs.  I shall try to be of assistance. -Richard Greene

PRP Home Page:  http://www.prp-support.org

PRP Bibliography and Support Group Research: http://astro.temple.edu/~rgreene/prp


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this information and the links, Richard.  I intend to add the PRP Support Group link to "Other Places" at FlakeHQ in the Jan-Feb 2005 update.  Anything we can do to help both P-flakers and PRP-flakers get correct diagnoses is warranted.  -Ed

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