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FlakeHQ Nudist #3
from Tony L.

Hi Ed:  As introduction, I've been a P sufferer for the past 13 years. Most of my lesions are on the waist and torso, though I have a few patches on my arms. Like you, I don't own a lot of swim trunks, but not for the same reasons as you. :-)

Three years ago, I decided to become a nudist and have enjoyed the experience ever since. Last year, I finally became a full-fledged member of the Lupin Naturist Club (www.lupin.com) in Los Gatos , CA (next to San Jose ) after spending numerous day trips there. This gave me the chance to indulge in more rigorous textile-free sunbathing and relaxation this past summer, even on my lunch breaks. This has helped control many of the symptoms of P and has decimated a few lesions here and there. I've also met a lot of friendly people at the club and all of them have been accepting of my condition. As Roger D. (the original FlakeHQ nudist) experienced, children ask about my skin a lot and I usually tell them that "my skin doesn't work right." When adults ask, I give them the more technical explanation. There are plenty of advantages in going au naturel as a psoriatic: unadulterated natural sunlight (of course), getting those annoying spots on your derrière, complete and utter relaxation, being able to flake without getting your clothes dusty and being able to put on coal tar without messing up good clothing. Plus there's nothing cooler than being able to say you're tan-line-free!

With the onset of winter and the weather too cold to go "grin and bare it," I've started phototherapy while continuing on coal tar. These days, many of my lesions are fragmented and most are generally smooth if not entirely flat. I'm hoping that I will soon come upon the fully remissive promised land for the first time in years. The original lesion that started it all 13 years ago is finally gone so I'm confident there's light at the end of this tunnel.

It'd be great to hear from Roger D. and Leslie A. (FlakeHQ Nudists #1 and #2), so I hope they're reading this!  Thanks, -Tony L.


Ed’s Response:  We should call you “TLFree.”  It works for “Tony L.” and it works for “tan-line free.”  Whatever we call you, Tony, welcome aboard!  I, too, hope that Roger D. and Leslie A. read your mail — it’s been too long since we’ve heard from either of them, and a summer gone without words from our nudists is, indeed, worrisome! 

You were succinct and convincing in summing up the benefits of being a practicing nudist as well as a flaker.  I am inspired by your reinforcing testimony that the “nudist culture” (if that’s appropriate language) is friendly and accepting.  Those of us who are not nudists, for whatever reasons, probably suffer under a lot of mistaken assumptions.

Stay in touch.  Meanwhile, if I hear from Roger or Leslie I’ll let you know.  -Ed

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