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Dovobet & Dovonex Working but Not for Scalp
from Clare

Hi there, Ed.  Just to say your web site has really helped.  I have in the past suffered from psoriasis severely, but at least it only remains on my scalp.

When my psoriasis was very bad, covering 90% of my body, I ended up on all occasions having light therapy and during those periods I felt so low.

I agree with my fellow flakers [in the UK ] who use Dovobet and Dovonex.  These have changed my life by totally clearing any annoying patches that flare up now and again!

The trouble is I have tried so many different medicated shampoo's to help my poor flaky scalp, and feel like I have given up!  They are either too smelly, too goopy and just generally don't work.

Is there anything you can suggest as I live in the UK ?

Just an extra note to say that it really does bug me how some doctors are so clueless about psoriasis.  Thank you for listening.   –Clare


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for writing, Clare.  Glad to hear you continue to respond well to Dovobet (which is a combination of Dovonex and betamethasone dipropionate).  I heard from many people who praise this topical.  You may reach a point where it stops working and I don’t want you to despair if/when that happens.  Most flakers “wear out” their topicals after extended use.  The good news is that is usually a temporary situation.  Have your doctor prescribe some other topical for a few months — it may or may not work as well, but while you are using the alternate your skin will “forget” why it got tired of responding well to Dovobet.  After three to six months you might find returning to the Dovobet restores your good fortune!  Again, this is very typical of flakers’ response to topicals.  So don’t be alarmed if it happens to you.

I went into the FlakeHQ archives looking for some “good news” for you about your scalp P.  I found these three references — correspondence from some of your colleagues across the pond:

Scalp P Recipe in England

Synalar Gel for Scalp P in England

Hazel’s Goop Ingredients

Perhaps what these folks recommend are things you have already tried and found wanting.  I hope not.  We have a relatively new product in the U.S. that is based on the popular corticosteroid clobetasol propionate.  The new product here is called “Olux Foam”  [http://www.olux.com].  I don’t think it’s available in the UK , yet.  But it might be.  Ask your doctor.  If it’s not yet available in the UK, ask your doctor about any scalp product for P that contains clobetasol propionate.  I’ve found this particular steroid to be very effective against my scalp P.

Stay in touch, Clare!  -Ed

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