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Canadian Amevive User Launches BLOG
from John D.

Hi Ed:  I have been a follower of your site and a participant in psorchat.  We have corresponded in the past.

I will be starting Amevive in a day or so as soon as it arrives.  I had the blood work yesterday.  To the best of my knowledge I am the first person in Ottawa to get this treatment.  My clinical derm and nurse are very excited as am I.  The thought of looking at clear hands almost makes me want to cry, but I will save it for when it actually happens.

The reason for my email is I am keeping a BLOG “diary” of my Amevive experience on the Web and would be happy to share with other Flakers.  The URL is:


Thanks, Ed.  -John D.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, John.  I’ve been to the BLOG and encourage everyone to go there as well.  This time last year I thought I would be launching my own Amevive experience, but my T-cell count was too low for me to start the regimen.  It’s still too low!  We will follow your reactions to the medicine closely.

For readers wanting more background on Amevive, start here.  Of the three biologics currently approved for the treatment of psoriasis in the U.S. , Amevive is the only one with a prescribed treatment length — 12 weeks.  The other biologics (Enbrel, Raptiva) are prescribed for continuous use as long as they work and no adverse effects are detected.  Amevive also differs from the others in that it is injected intramuscularly (into the muscle) rather than subcutaneously (under the skin, into fat tissue).  For this reason, many (if not all) Amevive patients visit their doctors for their weekly injection.

Keep up the communications, John....  And we hope you enjoyed your holiday cruise.  (Will you be posting photos at the BLOG?)  -Ed

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