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Onercept Trial Subject in Newfoundland
from Scott M.

Hello Ed:  Not much to report from Newfoundland yet, other than the on-going research and study trials.  Here is a mish-mash of information I'd like to share...

Biologic Treatments

I started a Remicade trial about a year ago, that lasted 40 weeks. I was receiving the drug via infusion for that period of time. I'm lucky — didn't get the placebo. When I entered the study, I was about 30%-35% covered with Plaque P.  Within a month or two of being infused with Remicade (once every four weeks or so) I was 99% clear, except for a small dull patch on my leg. Remicade is truly a miracle drug, I dearly hope it gets approved for P in the future.

When the Remicade Study ended, I was clear for about 2 months then the P started creeping back as small, pimple like lesions.

A few changes in my body (according to my Derm) made the P come back like a lion. About 3 months ago, I had a troublesome ear infection, which threw me off balance for 2 weeks and I lost some weight due to the motion sickness. After the infection, I wanted to start treating my body a little better than I have in the past. I decided to eat a lot better with a diet high in fruits and veggies, low in saturated and trans fats. I feel healthier, shed some unnecessary pounds and—

—then my P. went crazy and now I'm about 45%-55% covered. After months of Doak oil baths, baby oil baths and moisturizer (I stay away from med. creams) I finally visited my Derm to get this under control again, and they told me about a new study involving Onercept. I decided to give the study a try (3 self-injections per week).

After 3 injections, I notice my P is less painful and isn't flaking as much. I hope this stuff works. Here is a link:


I'll keep you up to date on the progress of Onercept.

Moisturizer Betrayal?

During my recent battle with a bad P flare up, I had a horrible skin reaction from a moisturizer I've been using for 8 years now. It's called Lubriderm (unscented). It has a medium-high price tag, but I bought it religiously because of how long it lasted on my skin and how easy it was to spread. Recently, I bought the same stuff, but found out weeks later that it was causing severe stinging and dried up very quickly on my skin. I don't know for sure, but they may have changed the ingredients? The packaging is different than before, but its suppose to be the same unscented stuff.

Now I'm using Aveeno (expensive) but very good for 24 + hours. Controls the itch better as well.

Talk later, -Scott M.


Ed’s Response:  Always good to hear from you Scott.   Here is how the site you referenced above describes Oncercept:

Onercept is a recombinant unmodified form of the naturally occurring human soluble type I TNF receptor (p55) that is capable of binding and neutralising the biological activity of TNF-α thereby preventing inflammation and so ameliorating the symptoms of psoriasis. Following the positive outcome of a Phase 2 clinical program for Onercept in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, a Phase 3 program in psoriasis is successfully underway.

If the trials are successful, this could be another new biologic in our growing arsenal.  Please do keep us informed!

I was shocked to read about your experience with Lubriderm.  It happens to be the lotion I use most, too!  I haven’t purchased a new bottle in quite awhile.  When I do, I’ll be careful to see if I’m effected any differently.  Lubriderm has become a staple scattered around my house — one bottle in the bathroom, one in the bedroom, one in the attic office.  Heavens!  If I find I’m compelled to change it might be too much for an old dog like me! 

Eagerly awaiting your next update.  -Ed

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