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Zsoria-Med Worked for Me
from Dustin P.

Hello My Scaly brethren. I have suffered from psoriasis since I was 5.  At first it came only during the summer and only on my scalp. After a quick trip to the doctor and a shot it would go away. But when I was 9 I had a sudden outbreak that encompassed my whole body. After being dragged to countless doctors across several states and trying countless medications, my parents and I had all but given up hope.

In a last ditch effort my mother ordered a product called Zsoria-Med. It was a 3 step, leave on for 5 minutes and rinse type of thing. And to our shock it worked. My dermatologist was baffled. I was flake free from the age of 12 to about 16. Whenever a few lesions would start to pop up we would simply order more Zsoria-Med and it would be gone in a week or so. Then one day my father called to order more and there was no answer. The company disappeared. We searched for 2 years by phone, Internet and even the Better Business Bureau but to no avail. So, needless to say, I have been "with flake" since then. Sincerely, -Dustin P (www.soulrust.com)


Ed’s Response:  Do you remember anything about the ingredients in Zsoria-Med, Dustin?  Chances are if the product worked well for you its active ingredient is still out there doing its duty in other products.  Whenever I hear about an OTC psoriasis product that starts with — or contains in its compound title — the letter “Z” I’m always inclined to think zinc.  Zinc, in various forms, both topical and ingested, has been used to treat P for a long, long time.  (Search on “zinc” from the FlakeHQ homepage for more correspondence.)

Another popular product that was suddenly gone was Skin-Cap spray.  It was forced off the U.S. market when it was discovered to contain a prescription strength corticosteroid without FDA approval.  Many people suffered its loss, a few of them have found a similar type of relief in Olux Foam (which requires a prescription).

If anybody reading this remembers Zsoria-Med, please drop us a line. Best of luck, Dustin. 

P.S. for other readers: check out Dustin’s web site.  He’s the vocalist in a very modern rock band.  This slick site will let you listen to their work and see pics of Dustin “in action.”  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll be able to say “Dustin P?  Sure!  We knew Dustin P back when....”  -Ed

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