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Use Baby Oil to Remove BANDAIDS
from Kathy H.

Hi Ed:   LOVE your web site. You guys may already know this, but products like BANDAIDs are easily removed without trauma to the skin by soaking the dressing in baby oil.

The oil loosens the adhesive and the strip and it lifts off after 10 minutes!

Its a God send for children suffering from skin conditions. -Kathy H.


Ed’s Response:  Nice tip, Kathy.  Kids with P may be susceptible to new lesions forming where wounds, cuts and scrapes happen.  (This is called the Koebner Phenomenon.)  I know how many times I’ve either removed a grandchild’s BandAid, or watched them remove it, and seen the scab come away, too — usually opening the sore all over again. 

Anything to get the dressing off without tearing healthy skin or scabs is great.  Our only challenge, now, will get them to hold still for 10 minutes!

Thanks again, Kathy.  -Ed

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