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Humira Trial Subject is Very Happy
from Sandy T.

Hi, Ed:  I just saw a letter in your files asking for information from anyone participating in a Humira trial.  I have been involved in one of these trials since September.  I have had severe psoriasis since I was 13, and in those 40 years, I have never been cleared until now.  I had moderately good results two years ago with Soriatane  (about 70% clearing), but had to discontinue due to serious side effects (ulcerations on my feet, which made walking impossible).  Two weeks after starting Humira, I was 50% clear; after one month I was 99% clear (only a few stubborn lesions remaining on my scalp).  This stuff is the real deal!  I give myself one subcutaneous injection weekly, which is really virtually painless.

I only hope the FDA will approve this miracle, and that the insurance companies will pay for it.  -Sandy T.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for this, Sandy. 

Though Humira is just beginning its trials as a P drug, it was approved in December, 2002, for rheumatoid arthritis.  It is another “biologic” drug — manufactured in living tissue.  At this writing we have these biologics approved and available to us:  Enbrel, Amevive, and Raptiva.

An NPF background article on Humira (a.k.a. Adalimumab) and the current trials can be found here:


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