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Hankering for Raptiva after Good Amevive Experience
from Chris K.

Hello.  I just thought I would tell you what I know so far. Through my insurance Raptiva is about $300 for 30 days, retail. That is for the kit, (needles, swabs, all the cheap stuff you need that they can charge quadruple for). I want to try it, I really want it to work.

I also took Amevive this summer, every week, for 12 weeks and along with that I had a weekly blood test. The blood test was different from a CBC so I had to wait for "special vials" to be ordered. I got really close to clear.  I've got guttate, scalp, and plaque, more or less here there and everywhere. The thing I thought I would share was instead of going through my prescription plan we went through my medical insurance and they covered it. I only had to pay my co-pay.

My last shot was in August and I am now relapsing (about 2 weeks now) BUT it is slow coming back not like with methotrexate, PUVA, or UVB, or those ridiculous creams. Usually when I relapse I itch really bad but that doesn't seem to be the case yet...

Thank you for your website, I am a 33 yr old mother of 3, I begin with P at age 8, experienced a remission, then got a "spot" at 16.  Over the years slowly getting more and more, mostly just plaque on knees and elbows. But since my last child was born 7 years ago it’s gone wild. My plaque brought it's friend guttate and they invited scalp P over and, altogether, they’re partying on me just about everywhere, now.

I enjoy the "Don't Say This" page at FlakeHQ.  It helps me realize how lucky I am to have a very supportive family and medical team.

Thanks for keeping us all posted on the latest, it is the hope that keeps the spirits up.

Have a fabulous holiday season, -Chris K.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Chris, for responding to my call for information regarding the cost of Raptiva.  At about the same time I received your email I found a page at the National Psoriasis Foundation web site (click here) that says a regular course of Raptiva over a period of one year will cost about $14,000.  Doing the math, it appears your insurance is covering about 75% of the total cost.  ($300/mo X 12 mos = $3,600/$14,000 = .257:  portion you’re paying.)

I sucked up your post-Amevive report with relish, Chris.  We’ve all be wondering about relapses (how soon? how dramatic) and, as your email was dated in December and you said you stopped therapy in August, that’s four months, give or take.  I’ve only got one word that describes that long of a remission — and that UNdramatic a rebound: Whoopee! 

Those of you who have been riding the fence about trying a biologic, remember this report from Chris.  I’ve not had a single drug — nothing — that allowed me to stay nearly clear for up to four months beyond my last dose.  This is great news.  -Ed

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