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Enbrel for Eczema?
from Mitch T.

Ed:  I enjoy your site immensely. I have relatively mild scalp psoriasis which is being controlled by Olux Foam. My real problem is dishydrotic eczema, a.k.a. pompholyx, a.k.a. sweaty eczema. The only thing that works for me now is 20 mgs/day of prednisone. Regarding Enbrel, is there anything to suggest that it might be a treatment for my eczema? -Mitch T.


Hi Mitch.  I've not heard of any suggestion that Enbrel might help Eczema.  I rather doubt it would because of its very specific action on a certain type of immune system T-cell that plays a role in P.  Eczema and P tend to share a number of characteristics and triggers, but I haven’t read anything that suggested eczema is an immune system malfunction.  If it isn't an immune system problem, a drug like Enbrel that targets a very specific immune system response, may not help. 

Now, having said all that.  Stranger things have happened!    

Anyone with different information is invited to drop me a line.  -Ed

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