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Thumbs Up: 5 Weeks into Amevive
from Kathy F.

Hi Ed.  Thought I would send an update. At the beginning of November I stopped taking Enbrel as instructed by my doctor in preparation for my Amevive injections. Well, apparently I only thought that Enbrel was not working because, by  December first, I was in extreme pain and all the symptoms of P were  in full swing:  burning, bleeding, itching, and cracking. Last week I was unable to use my arm, a result of P arthritis, which was being controlled by the Enbrel.
I started the Amevive the first week in December.
Currently, every week I get blood work done, and get an injection. This Tuesday was my fifth injection. My CD4 count started out at around 860, and it has now dropped to 500-something. The doctor told me this is good, as it means that I am responding, and as long as the count remains above 250 the injections can continue. My skin is showing some improvement, starting to flatten, and burning and itching is much milder, compared to the beginning of December when I was thinking I must have been crazy to discontinue Enbrel.
Well I will write again when I get closer to my 12th injection and let you know how it is going.
Again thank you for your website -Kathy F.


Ed’s Response:  So far so good, Kathy — you sound like you could be the Poster Girl for Amevive.  As you know, I was right behind you by about four weeks but my pre-regimen CD4 count came in so low they’ve curtailed all intentions of my using Amevive.  (See the Briefing for this update.)

It’s also good news that you are seeing and feeling improvement at 5 weeks.  Other correspondents have expressed frustration about not sensing any improvement that early.

I look forward to your next report.  At about 12 weeks?  Thanks.  -Ed

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