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In 40 Years It’s Gotten As Bad As It Gets
from Lorna C.

Ed:  Have had P for 40 years now, I am now 47.  I have had it bad, but I really like the times when I can count the spots.  When you can count them it's not so hard.

Several years back I picked out a place to drive my car off of the road.  I live in the Ozarks, so have plenty of ravines (which we call Hollers) to pick out a good place to complete this mission — which I never did.   All I could think of was my daughter. 

Through one particularly hard time she took care of my scalp for me, took the scales off and put the medicine on.  Lost all of my hair that time, and my job.  Couldn't put clothes on, it hurt so bad.  After fighting with my disability insurance company I finally got a pittance of my salary from them. 

But have been clear for about three years on Soriatane. Tegison prior to that.

Got a little too much sun at the NASCAR races in Kansas this past July, then it all blew up.  So going through a trying time once again.  Have my own homemade UVB lights. They seem to be saving me. 

Keep on having fun with the Flake website.  It is wonderful to see someone having a little humor with P.

Forever DNAing  all over America, -Lorna C.


Ed’s Response:  I’m glad you didn’t drive your car off the road, Lorna.  Glad you found FlakeHQ and it’s managed to make you grin.  Your one liner, a bittersweet gem ...

[Ex husband calling to make amends:] Well, I DID put up with your psoriasis for all of those years!  

... has found its place on the Don’t Say This list (top of the list this month).

Your part of the country — including all the “Hollers” is very beautiful.  (We know about Hollers here in Kentucky, too.  Butcher Holler, of Loretta Lynn fame, is “down the road apiece” from where I live.) -Ed

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