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Where’s the Proof that Light Causes Cancer?
from Gordon W.

I have read lots of accounts of sunbathing and UV lamps increasing the risk of melanoma but none which quantifies the risks.  I would like to find the original source of any research as obviously the quality and extent of any research varies.  Thank you.  –Gordon W.


Ed’s Response:  I have, too — read lots of accounts, that is.  Lots of us who aren’t librarians or chroniclers get embarrassed when asked questions like yours.  Of course, scientifically obtained evidence is presumed to be behind claims as old and long-lasting and accepted as “excessive exposure to UV radiation from sunlight, et. al., can cause skin cancer.”  But I can’t pull the original source out of my back pocket. 

I remember similar exercises in college — research exercises — and how much time they took! 

Anyway, I made a quick cyber trip to the National Cancer Institute (a part of the National Institutes of Health) and found a page that may be a starting place.


Though this doesn’t answer your question specifically, it cites a number of studies and other references which, in turn, if they are properly penned scientific research papers, will also cite references and previous studies.  This is the way, if I remember correctly, to work one’s way back to original sources.

A pleasant alternative would be to hear from a FlakeHQ reader who REMEMBERS some original research — perhaps was even in on it — and is willing to share. Anyone?  -Ed

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