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Smallpox Vaccine Safe for Flakers?
from Carol F.

Dear Ed:  God forbid we should have to be inoculated for smallpox.  I read somewhere that people with weak immune systems and people with eczema should stay clear of the vaccine.  My question to you is what about us flakers? Would it be dangerous for us to take the vaccine due to our skin cells reproducing at such a fast rate? -Carol F.


Ed’s Response:  The latest information about the smallpox vaccine and P is being provided by the National Psoriasis Foundation at their website:  http://www.psoriasis.org.  As I write this (January, 2003) the most current information is available right on the home page (not requiring membership to read). 

Right now, according to this NPF report, the CDC is recommending flakers with active lesions defer taking the vaccine, at least until current assessments being carried out by the military further define the safety of the vaccine.  –Ed

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