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Eight Year Old Flaker Faces Treatment Limitations
from Elise A.

Hi,  I came across your FlakeHQ site merely by accident and am quite impressed, it is informative and makes light of an otherwise very annoying condition. 

My 8 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with P.  Many of the Rx drugs are too strong for and UV treatments are too risky for someone her age, so we're trying the OTC remedies.  Your article about the “80% Club” caught my eye. 

I just dumped $196 into Acadia Skin care products that just allowed her lesions to progress and me to practically make her bald her in spots by  “deflaking” her.  I came across your web site while searching for info on another OTC called SkinZinc.  I will visit again, hopefully you'll have something new and interesting when I do!!

Thanks, -Elise A.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for stopping by, Elise.  I, too, hope I’ll have something new and interesting for you next time you visit.

I hope you and your eight year old have discovered the National Psoriasis Foundation and their web site at http://www.psoriasis.org.  In the past couple of years NPF has beefed up their children and youth initiatives significantly and I expect to see more great things coming from them.  (Check out “Teen Talks at NPF Conference 2K2!” by Lou Somo, posted here.)

Among new and exciting things to look for are reports about the new biologic drugs and their safety/utility for children.  I know it is heartbreaking to watch a child grow up with this disease, but I am really hopeful that today’s youngsters won’t face those difficulties much longer.  I think the treatments emerging today promise a much brighter future for them. 

Good luck!  -Ed

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