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Alone With This for 20 Years
from Crys B.

Dear ED:  I never realized so many people shared the some thoughts about psoriasis! I've had it since I was like 5 years old.  I'm the only person in my WHOLE family who has this health problem, and I have a HUGE family. Its been almost 20 years since I've been able to talk about this without being considered a freak or any other names like that.

It's nice to know that I'm not alone with this.  I wish everyone could see P the way we see it.   Its not as bad some people think.  Like its not contagious or deadly or anything like that, but more painful and itchy. 

When I was a child even adults didn't want contact with me in fear of dying from this.  As funny as it may seem (and as far fetched) stuff like that really hurts.

My dream is to be a singer, but its hard to have courage to pursue it with my less than perfect skin.  If I ever do make it, I know I’ve gotten the courage from others like all of you at FlakeHQ who understand. 

I think I would like to hear from someone less than perfect.

Again, thanks to all of you who are so positive about having this (which is different than saying P is a positive thing to have ... but you know EXACTLY what I mean!).  -Crys B.


Ed’s Response:  We DO know EXACTLY what you mean, Crys, and we’re glad you found us.   One POSITIVE thing about having P is it gives you a reason to be here!

You’ve hit the nail on the head when you observe the worst “hurt” from P is dealt by the fearful reaction of others to how we appear.  Here’s a line I like:

You know, you are looking at me like I was Lieutenant Ripley’s alien or Freddy Krueger.  I, on the other hand, see in the mirror Beauty’s Beast or Notre Dame’s Quasimodo — but please don’t feel like you have to wait for the movie to get to know me!

Isn’t it a fine thing to realize “goodness” exists independent of our refined culture and “legitimate” societies? 

And regarding your desire to hear from someone less than perfect.  Here we are again!  It wasn’t so hard to find us, was it?  Now, a few of us are mounting an expedition to find a PERFECT PERSON.  We’re afraid this will take some doing and we are, to be honest, a little anxious about what we might discover.  <wink> –Ed

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