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I Have Erythrodermic P, I Think
from David

I have nail pitting and this weird rash that looks like Erythrodermic Psoriasis.

My doctor doesn't think so, but I think he's wrong because I have all the symptoms, and the photos look the same as what I have.

I've found that using a de-humidifier helps me feel better (its funny how they recommend the opposite). When I run it in my bedroom [i.e., de-humidify the room’s air], I can actually breath in the morning, which I've never experienced in my life. I always have been congested. Also, I read that iodine can make it worse, and I've been eating a lot of fish, so I'll try cutting back on that, which kinda sucks since fish actually helps speed up the metabolism. –David


Ed’s Response:  Well, David, you’ve not provided enough information for us to even wager on the outcome of opinions — yours or your derms.  True erythrodermic P is rare, often very uncomfortable, sometimes even life-threatening.  Those who have it usually don’t describe their skin symptoms as a rash.  They feel a descriptive phrase such as Job’s Worst Curse is more appropriate.

One of the common dangers associated with erythrodermic P is dehydration, or loss of body moisture through the radiator-like roughness of the skin.  Being drawn to a climate that further sucks moisture out of you — your affinity for de-humidified bedrooms — is strange.  Those with erythrodermic P are usually urged to stay moist, which implies humidity, not its opposite.   

I’ve no knowledge of the iodine-fish angle on your situation so can’t comment.  Speeding up your metabolism, however, might not be in order if you have erythrodermic P.  If you are a flaker your skin is already regenerating in a state akin to overdrive.  Calming things down rather than speeding things up is a more likely treatment goal.

Pitted nails aside, I can understand why your doctor thinks you may have some other condition.  Until you know for sure, I hope you avoid the desert.  Good luck!  -Ed

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