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Not So Lucky with Arava and Enbrel
from Patricia D.

For rheumatoid arthritis I’ve found both Arava and Enbrel work — sort of.  With Enbrel, I ended up with open oozing sores on chest/leg, while Arava makes me lose handfuls of hair daily. 

As far as I’m concerned those are both signals that what they’re doing isn’t right.  I’d rather be sore — and I do mean sore — than bald or covered in sores. 

So the search goes on … and on … and on … 35 years. And counting.  –Patricia D.


Ed’s Response:  Hi, Patricia.  Nice to hear from you.  Your note serves to remind us of two things.

One, Arava and Enbrel — particularly Enbrel — have been in use by arthritics for some time, so we flakers just now being introduced to these drugs are not the first.  (This should make us feel safer.)

Two, despite the hypes and high hopes, we need to be realistic and accept the fact that these won’t work for all of us.  To keep this in mind can help thwart depression if we are not as lucky as we hope to be. -Ed

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