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Underway with Enbrel!
from Michelle M. and from Mark F.

Michelle M. wrote:  I finally got "the call" last Wednesday, November 27, 2002.  Enbrel is now available to me!! 

What a nice Thanksgiving treat that turned out to be!  Of course, I have to get my insurance company's approval now, but really don't anticipate a problem (I hope I'm not "assuming" incorrectly).  I am going to my doctor today for the required TB test and hopefully the prescription.  I was told that my doctor does not yet have the dispensing kits, but will have them shortly.  I think that they weren't expecting Enbrel to be available to us just yet. 

I hope you got the call as well.  I thought of you almost immediately once I hung up the phone. 

I'm very anxious to get started on Enbrel, as I sit here with my ever-present joint pain and skin as red, sore and inflamed as it's been in a long, long time.  I'm really counting on Enbrel helping the skin P as well as the P arthritis.

Wish me luck!!! -Michelle M.


Mark F. wrote:  I was recently called and told I was approved for Enbrel.  I was told by the Enbrel people that there was no longer a waiting list.  I do not know if this is true but wanted to bring it to your attention.  I am now in my second week on the drug and can feel a vast improvement in my psoriatic arthritis in my hands and feet.  The lesions do not seem to be improving, but they’ve not gotten worse and I’m using no other therapy.  Administration of the drug is very easy.  I hope for all of us Enbrel is the panacea it’s been made out to be.  –Mark F.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks to both Michelle and Mark for reporting this good news.  I received my call some time after these two and haven’t started the Enbrel therapy, yet [as of 12/02 -Ed], but I expect to within the next week or so.  Everything’s been approved ... all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed ... the insurance company, though at first reluctant, has been persuaded to pay for this expensive stuff ($1,200 a month!) by my tenacious (not to mention charming) derm-PA ... and I’ve received “the kit,” (see photo)  et. al. from my derm and Immunex (manufacturer of Enbrel).  I feel like the proverbial suburban angler, sitting on the curb in front of his house, decked out in hip waders and hook-filled cap, pole in hand, fillet knife on his belt, creel over his shoulder, waiting impatiently for his ride to the fishing lake.  

The "kit" contains literature, a videotape, a device to help open the medicine vial, a container for disposing of hypodermic needles ... everything but the actual medicine.  The medicine comes as a dry and wet combo that must be mixed by the user and injected subcutaneously (i.e., just under the skin).  I understand it is more complicated to describe than to use. -Ed

To read more about this long-awaited, highly hyped new “biologic” drug, visit the Enbrel web site.  -Ed

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