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Customized Exorex Regimen is Working
from James W.

Hi, Ed.  I just ran across your site and found it interesting. To put it simply, I have psoriasis and have had it for many years.  I have been through several dermatologists and nothing seemed to work.  I’ve settled on Exorex because — while not a total cure — it seems to eliminate the flakes, some of the itching and keeps it under control.  Further, for several years I did not have drugs on my medical coverage so prescription drugs got real expensive.

Bt the way, I use a little trick with Exorex to make it even cheaper: I only buy the "Penetrating Solution" from them — about three 8-ounce bottles a year (and usually only when the Company has a buy-2-get-one-free sale), then I use Eucerin [moisturizer] over the top of it (or even cheaper a drug store brand of Eucerin from CVS or Walgreens) instead of Exorex’s $40 per jar moisturizer.   (I compared active ingredients and discovered the cheap [$5.95] CVS brand has almost the same ingredients as Exorex's expensive moisturizer).  Alternating or applying an OTC strength of Hydrocortisone cream occasionally over the top of the Exorex Penetrating Solution helps also, even though I doubt if it is recommended.

So my psoriasis treatment costs me about less than $200 a year.  -Jim W.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for letting us in on your regimen, James.  I hear from many flakers who have tried Exorex with more or less success.  Some complain about the results of this product not justifying the cost of the regimen.  Maybe others will find your tricks resolve that complaint.  For more information about Exorex from an independent critic, Ed Anderson’s write-up at Hall of PShame is very compelling.  Ed points out that the active ingredient is a coal tar derivative (available in many lower-priced products).  The Exorex “penetrating solution” — if, indeed, it is more penetrating that the standard petrolatum base — may not be as safe.  Coal tar is a known carcinogen when too much is used.  If the Exorex “penetrating base” means more of the coal tar derivative is used by the skin, care needs to be taken.

It sounds to me, James, like you are customizing your own “base” for the coal tar medicine in Exorex, and it’s working for you.  So long as your skin stays healthy, it's hard to complain about those results.  Eh?  -Ed

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