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Dead Sea Advocate
from Ricky

Hi Ed:  Just stumbled on to your website and had a bit of a browse around checking out the info there.  I'm living in New Zealand and for the past 12 years have been doing some form or other of drug therapy as I have severe P.

In April 2000 I decided to pack my backpack and head out to the Dead Sea in Israel.  I've been back every year in April and this year I returned in October, as well, because of an acute flare up.  I was searching your website for other alternative stories, in particular from Israel. 

For those with the money and a positive response of some sort to UV treatment, it is brilliant.  The Danish government sends their flakers out there as part of their national health programme (ie: fully funded) and I have heard of other German tours (unsure whether they have any form of funding or insurance coverage).

Cheers, -Ricky


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Ricky.  Searching on “Dead Sea” here at FlakeHQ will bring up over thirty correspondence exchanges.  It’s a popular natural therapy for P for, as you said, people with money and/or aid.  And it’s not just getting there that costs a bundle, once there a 4-6 week regimen is recommended for best results.

For readers wanting more information, Ben Freeman’s web site, Dead Sea Psoriasis & Arthritis Treatment Foundation of America, is a good place to start. -Ed

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