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Wart Remover for Nail P
from Aliceanna

Hi Ed:  I've been having a particularly difficult round with the P, PA, and nail P this past month. I wanted to share with you what has been working for me on the nail P.

Wart remover is about 16%-17% salicylic acid.  Applied to nails, cuticles and fingertips it loosens and  removes the scale, allowing the nails and nail beds to clear and start to grow back as normally as possible.  Hope this helps!  

Kind regards,


Ed’s Response:  What a great tip, Aliceanna!  (You’ve seen the photos of my nails, eh?)  I checked at drugstore.com and got these specifics:

  • Compound W (17% salicylic acid)

  • Dr. Scholls (17% salicylic acid)

  • Duo Film (17% salicylic acid)

Salicylic acid is one of only two over-the-counter active ingredients to be acknowledged by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as being appropriate for the treatment of psoriasis; however, only in concentrations of 1.8% to 3% (according to NPF).  Which is why none of the wart removers are touting their efficacy as psoriasis products.  I've done the math.  17% is over 5 times the "approved-by-FDA" strength.

Which means I'm not about to go slathering wart remover on my arm, leg or torso lesions.  But nail psoriasis is another thing entirely.  It's tougher and more recalcitrant than other skin lesions.  The junk that builds up over my mantles and underneath the nail is hard ... hard as warts, in fact (if not harder).  

While I'm not advocating this for anyone, I’m personally going to try it.  What's the risk?  I might injure a finger or two?  Take a look at the photo again.  –Ed

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