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Elocon/Doak (compounded) Shampoo
from Cindy H.

Ed:  While the term "shampoo" is misleading, my husband, who has been enduring P for 4-5 years, uses something called Elocon/Doak Shampoo (every day).  This solution has to be mixed by the pharmacist.  Apparently it came from research by Gerald G. Krueger, M.D..  It is the only thing that helps keep his scalp relatively clear of those irritating flaky, itchy patches of skin.

If he isn't using it, we can both tell.  Within days his scalp will be covered.  It is a special formula for which a derm has to write a prescription.  I don't know what the formula is, but maybe if someone is interested, their doctor could contact Dr. Krueger and get the specifics.  Dr. Krueger works for the University of Utah.

Thanks for all your great information about P and for the stories from others about how to cope with this condition.  –Cindy


Ed’s Response:  Hi Cindy.  Dr. Krueger is well-known by National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) members as the Chairman of the foundation’s medical advisory board.  His concoction for combating scalp P contains both a corticosteroid (the Elocon) and a tar-based shampoo (the Doak).  The proportions may be a “secret” shared by he and your pharmacist. 

Many derms have similar compounded prescription palliatives for scalp P.  My derm calls his “scalp cocktail,” but rather than a shampoo, it is an occlusive that I wear overnight under a shower cap when my scalp P is raging.  It, too, works wonders.  Usually no more than 3 or 4 nights with the shower cap are required to quiet the scalp P. 

The corticosteroid component of these concoctions are what require the prescription.  I don’t know about your Elocon/Doak, but my Scalp Cocktail is very expensive (about $70 for a few ounces).  When I queried my pharmacist about this years ago he said it is very tricky to mix the ingredients as they want to interact in such a way as to destroy the overall effectiveness of the combination.  He made it sound difficult enough to warrant the high price :}  

Thanks for the tip.  -Ed

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