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Harvard Flaker Acquires Sunlamp
from Christy D.

Hi Ed,  Thanks so much for  keeping up your website. I read it often.

My psoriasis has finally reached the really severe state, probably about 70% coverage which includes my entire face.  My nails are starting to go.

I'm not ready yet to do methotrexate since I would like to keep my liver and have normal children.

So I bought my very own UVA lamp! My derm wouldn't write me a script, so my dad wrote me one (he's an eye doctor, but no one checked). I've been doing a minute a day, supplemented by tar. My skin has really improved (except my face) and I hope to be clear by the end of the year [2002], or at least not have that chemical-warfare-victim look. I have a Sperti brand lamp and really like it.

Harvard continues to treat me well. I finished modeling one of the mirrors for my telescope design this weekend. Astronomy is good for flakers 'cause no one can see you ;)

Keep up the good work! –Christy D.


Ed’s Response:  Good to hear from you, Christy, but sorry about the flare-up.  By the time I’m posting this the end of the year has come and gone.  I hope you made your goal!

Sperti brand UVA/UVB lamps have a long history.  Here’s the web page for the current product being directed at flakers:  http://www.sperti.com/psoriasis.htm.  

It sounds like you have your do-it-yourself routine figured out.  How did you arrive at the daily dose?

Speaking of Harvard, when are you going to share some campus photos with us?  (All I know about Harvard I learned from the movies; so I need some enlightenment!) -Ed

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