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More on Bioskin 
from Michael M.

and from Jenny C.

Backstory:  Wondering About Bioskin Products, from Michael M.

Michael M. writes:  Ed, Further to my previous e-mail [see Backstory, above], the official site for the product I'm trying at the moment can be found at http://www.bioskinproducts.com.  I'm only around a week into using it but things look promising.  Should be able to give you a more detailed update in around a week or two.  Thanks, -Michael M.


Jenny C. writes:  Ed:  I have suffered with psoriasis since I was 6.  I am now 31 and at my worst.  It doesn't help that Christmas is looming and all the party's are hard to refuse.

I have been on special diets, admitted to hospital, tried many creams, had food allergy tests and vitamin deficiency tests since it started in 1976.

I must admit since going for the food allergy tests here in the Isle of Man, it has helped a great deal.  No citric fruits are allowed, neither grapes, strawberries, cucumber, tea, coffee and excessive amounts of alcohol.  Since cutting these out of my diet I have found my skin has improved 50%.  Alcohol is my main down-fall, one weekend of drinking can bring it all back again.  Sunbeds and hot climates can reduce it dramatically.

I was watching Ideal World' last night on Sky.  They were advertising BioSkin.  It sounded too good to be true but thought, “Well, I've tried everything else; I'm feeling down about it; so what I have I got to lose?”

So I have ordered a 100ml bottle just to see if it really does do what they say. I'm rather skeptical about it all but willing to try anything to make my life more normal. So watch this space............ -Jenny C., Isle of Man


Ed’s Response:  That must have been a powerfully persuasive advert on UK’s Sky network, Jenny. 

The closest language I could find to a description of the constituent ingredients in the Bioskin products for psoriasis is this:

The Bioskin Systems Professional Skin Management Series ...  is composed only of natural substances and is totally free of steroids, cortisones, alcohol, hormones and antibiotics, which often cause unwanted side effects. Bioskin nourishes and moisturises the skin helping to prevent dryness, which is associated with flaky skin. In addition the essential oils make the skin more supple particularly in stubborn localised areas. Moisturising is an important factor in the treatment of psoriasis and Bioskin helps get rid of the scaling, redness and itching associated with the condition by penetrating the pores of the skin, allowing the nutrients to assist the body in its own natural healing process. With regular use we aim no [sic] not only [to] ease the suffer's [sic] condition but to increase their productivity as an employee by alleviating the painful side effects of this condition.

To me, this sounds like a super-moisturizer and nothing more.  That's not meant to denigrate the product because super-moisturizers are a necessary part of a flaker's arsenal.  By keeping lesions moist we (a) keep them supple, which helps prevent cracking that can lead to bleeding and infection, and (b) flaking is less of a problem, because the emollients constitute something of a binder, and this helps abate itch.  

What moisturizers don't do is affect the root problem of P, which is too-rapid skin cell regeneration.  Moisturizers make the condition less uncomfortable.

In the U.S., many flakers depend on over-the-counter (OTC) products to treat their P.  Without really good health insurance that covers prescription drugs, much of the effective medicine is simply out of reach.  So, when something hits the OTC shelves that promises to improve P, we all stand up and take notice.

Looking forward to follow-up notes from both of you!  -Ed

P.S. - I had to smile at the marketing tactic used at the end of my quoted section from the web site, above:  "With regular use we aim not only [to] ease the suffer's [sic] condition but to increase their productivity as an employee by alleviating the painful side effects of the condition."  I'm curious: is it common in the UK for employers to buy products like Bioskin for their employees?

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