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Another Tonsillectomy Advocate
from Maggie B.

Thank you to Keren, for sharing her story [Don’t Discount Tonsillectomy]. I have searched for a long time for info on tonsillectomy. I, too, have suffered with pustular psoriasis for 9 years, until a doctor from Edmonton suggested the procedure.  It has managed to clear up my psoriasis a great deal, though it has not stopped completely.  The outbreaks are not nearly as bad, I would say a 60% improvement at least, and there has been no improvement for the arthritis — but you can't have it all. 

So, I say to anyone considering tonsillectomy, “Go for it.”

Again, thank you for sharing.  –Maggie B.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks, Maggie.  It’s always nice to know — when it comes to health issues — that one’s experience is not unique.

The perhaps-too-obvious connection between tonsillectomy and guttate P is the presumed function of the tonsils as a “catcher organ” for infection.  Strep infection is linked to outbreaks of guttate P, and to the degree removing one’s tonsils may halt continuous re-infection by strep, obviously a diminishment in guttate P outbreaks would be expected.

Pustular P is something different, and I’m unaware of so direct a connection between it and the kinds of infections that inflame our tonsils.  But my lack of awareness means nothing.  Especially in light of corroborating evidence.  At the very least, patients who experience P outbreaks concurrent to, or after infections may ask their derms or GPs to examine their tonsils during the infection.  If their tonsils are inflamed — well, they should have the option, as you say, to “Go for it.”  -Ed

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