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Losing Weight Fast — On Soriatane?
from Tina B.

First, let me say that I have grown to love your web site.  I have been a silent sufferer of P for so long ; this web site has been a comfort. 

I am in my third week of Soriatane.  The redness of my lesions has lightened up and the lesions aren't as swollen.  Even the flakes haven’t been as bad.  The side effects haven't been as bad as methotrexate. 

I am experiencing burning sensations of the lesions, runny nose, chapped lips and numbness of the fingertips and toes.  This doesn’t bother me so much.  What worries me is I have lost approximately 15 pounds in 3 weeks.  Should I be concerned?  I am so worried about telling my derm (a new derm).  This is the best I have looked in 17 years.  What do you think I should do?  Sincerely, A new web site groupie, -Tina B.


Ed’s Response:   Nothing I’ve read about Soriatane suggests weight loss is a side effect.  On the contrary, weight gain has been noted.  Loss of appetite, however, is one of the noted side effects, but it’s difficult to believe losing 15 pounds in three weeks is a consequence of depressed appetite.

Since you are doing well on Soriatane and are tolerating the expected side effects well (i.e., irritated lesions, chapped lips, etc.), I would definitely share the weight loss mystery with your derm and ask that your next regular blood work explore possible alternatives reasons (e.g., high blood sugar levels).  Explain to your derm that you would like the mystery solved without any automatic assumption that the problem is Soriatane-related.

You may be asked to suspend Soriatane treatment anyway, especially if there are no other obvious reasons for the weight loss.  In that case it’s important that you do so — especially if the weight loss is continuing.  Enjoying better skin can wait, especially if more life-threatening conditions assert priority. 

Let us know how things turn out.  -Ed

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