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On-line Diary of Enbrel Therapy
from Ami G.

Hello!  I just wanted to tell you that I have begun treatment on Enbrel.  I'm finally finished waiting on the list, and took my first injection yesterday (Monday, Dec. 9).  I will do the next one on Thursday.

I will be keeping a log of treatment as a diary at meowka.diaryland.com if you are interested in reading.  I will update my success (or lack of) there.

I enjoy your site so much, and I think you had mentioned interest in people starting Enbrel.  So, wish me luck! –Ami G.


Ed’s Response:  By the time I’m writing this you’ve taken six injections, according to your diary.  The on-line diary is, by the way, a terrific way to let us all share your experience — and I’m particularly tuned in to it because, any day now, I start my own course of Enbrel.

You did not report any significant improvement until entry 5, which was the beginning of your third week on Enbrel (at 2 injections per week).  Looking back over my experiences with methotrexate and cyclosporine, a positive report in week three seems quick! 

Anyway, I’ve set my goal to be as responsive as you have been.  And I’m continuing to read the diary. 

Thanks for making it available to us, Ami.  -Ed

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