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Where’s Our Motto and List of Definitions?
from Johnny-from-Portugal

Hi Ed:  I have just found your site again, after having spent the last couple of years looking for it, I missed the "HQ" part and "flake + psoriasis" wasn't getting me anywhere, no pun intended. When I did find you again I laughed so hard I cried. Does FlakeHQ have a motto?  We should use Nike's. "Psoriasis: Just do it.”

I had a brainstorm. How about a section of things we tell people when they ask us "What IS that?"  I went through a stage where I would say it was leprosy, but they shouldn't worry because it had reached the dry stage. And I wasn't even kidding. Or is it just me? Maybe it's a silly idea, let me know.

Really, thanks for the site. I'll be keeping my eye on it. –Johnny-from- Portugal (but I’m a girl)


Ed’s Response:  Glad you persisted and found us again, Ms. Johnny.  I confess I haven’t done much to make FlakeHQ easier to find.  Most of the major search engines will get to this place way down their lists when you search on “psoriasis,” or way WAY down their lists when you search on “ flake.”  I know what needs to be done to improve those standings in the lists, but I’ve decided not to take action.  For one thing, I don’t think FlakeHQ should surface as an alternative for legitimate medical sites, nor should it compete for searchers with the National Psoriasis Foundation site.  When I get email from newly diagnosed psoriatics who happened to find me before they are really sure about the spelling of their condition’s name, I always send them straightaway to NPF.  If FlakeHQ were any easier to find I’d be doing a lot more of that.  Also, people who have just learned they have P, and who browse the Internet for relevant information, are the most likely to find FlakeHQ offensive.  And I understand this.  When I was in my early weeks and months of dealing with the truth about my P, I wasn’t looking for a place that prompted me to laugh about it.  So, for the time being, at least, I think FlakeHQ is positioned where it should be in the Web hierarchy and, because of this, I get to spend my time with the people I’ve been looking for all along.  People like you!

Re: a Motto.  Never really thought about it before, Johnny.  Let’s see if we get more comments.

And, same with a section on Things to Say when People ask What’s THAT?  I know there would be a lot of “definitions” buried already in the archives here.

Now that you’ve found us again, Johnny, I trust you’ve bookmarked us or made us one of your “favorite places?” -Ed

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