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Status Quo with Lattes and Cruise
from Sherry S.

Ed: As usual, a great read this month [December].  I just returned from a week's cruise with my mother on the Willamette , Columbia and Snake Rivers and own five pounds I didn't have before (and don't need) plus some great memories.  My mother has had P on and off for years.  My stepfather (long gone from this world) used to say about her: "She has spots on her but(t) I love her."  Can you use that in your happy-couples archives?

I eagerly await Orin's next word on his pH theory.  My spots didn't worsen on board the ship this week despite eating nearly nonstop and getting little exercise, normally a combination that doesn't help skin at all.  I'm wondering whether it was the four lattes a day I drank?  Lattes being mostly steamed milk with only a shot of espresso, I was ingesting more calcium than usual.  On board there was a latte/espresso machine that required no coins, just the push of a button, and the product was terrific.  But now it's back to Starbucks, a.k.a. $$.

Thanks again, Ed, for all the fun and education you provide us flakers every month.  -Sherry S.


Ed’s Response:  That sounds like a wonderful cruise, Sherry.  It’s been a dream of mine to travel America’s inland waterways, no doubt inspired by reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn as a boy.  More recently, William Least Heat-Moon’s book, River-Horse, has tweaked the desire.  And here you have gone and done it!

My sister (a Seattle native) got me hooked on Latte’s (Grande no less) and it is fortunate for me that coffee and all its derivatives does not enjoy the market renaissance in Kentucky that it does in more cosmopolitan areas.  If it did, I’d be broke and fatter still.  So far I’ve refrained from the extra effort required here to make a habit of coffee’s richer concoctions.  However, if there’s even a glimmer of a connection between those delicious sins and less flaking, I’ll reconsider everything.  <Wink>  -Ed

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