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More on Mint (or Menthol?) Shampoo
from Vix

More on Tattoing, Chlorine in the Water, Scalp & Nail P, from Vix
U.S. Version of U.K. ’s Mint Source Shampoo? from Sherry S.

Hi Ed, Hope you are well. 

Please read below feedback I sent to original source (I mailed you about their shampoo) and their reply.

If you log onto their web page there's more information on the products they can supply and I think they do mail order. Their web page address is www.originalsource.co.uk. I'm very impressed with this company at the moment. They make no claims to improve any dermatological problems but I've certainly found they help mine.

I've recently been on a high dose course of antibiotics for sinusitis and as a result my P was flaming. I've started using their shower gel and the intense burning / itch / pain has gone. It may be that the antibiotics are leaving my system, but I've never known it to calm down this quickly. I'm going to try some more of their range so I'll let you know how I get on.

My best wishes go to you and my fellow flakers for Christmas & the New Year. -Vix


To Original Source from Vix:

I first started using your products this year. I suffer from psoriasis and my scalp was about 90% covered at the time. The itch was so bad it was painful, this is why I tried your Mint & Tea tree shampoo & conditioner — to try and relieve the itch. It worked, but what I've also had is almost full clearance of my scalp psoriasis — it hasn't been this good for years.  As what my doctor has been giving me stopped working to any great effect long ago, I have to put it down to the shampoo etc. I'm going to start trying the rest of your range but in the meantime — Thank you.  Only another psoriatic would understand the relief & for gods sake don't change the formulation please!

Response from Original Source to Vix:

Thank you for your lovely e-mail and I'm so pleased one of our products seems to have really helped your psoriasis.  We've actually been told this by a number of customers over the years so I'm really pleased it's working for you as well.  We actually do tea tree & mint in all our other products as well so you can buy it in deods, facial products, shower and shave gels, bath foams, hand washes, body washes etc etc.  Also, our gels have been dermatologically tested and found to be safe amongst patients with sensitive skins and who are eczema prone.

Hope we can always continue to help you and also that you have a Happy Christmas and New Year.


Ed’s Response:  Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, Vix.  In response to your earlier posting here about Original Source shampoo, Sherry S. wrote that Neutrogena T/Gel shampoo also comes with a menthol-laced version. 

Original Source’s product appears to overlap its help for scalp P in (maybe) two ways:  (1) Menthol (and perhaps in this case, mint) applied to skin provides a sensation that tends to override (or temporarily cancel out) itch.  Derms have suggested out-of-control scalp P is often associated with unrelenting scratching — so itch relief is a boon.  (2) Tea tree oil on its own is a respected natural P palliative (search on “tea tree” from the home page, here).  As usual with natural palliatives, some people respond very well, others have a short-lived improvement and the remainder of us may notice no difference.  We really don’t know until we’ve tried.

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