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from Ruud B.

Hi Ed. How are you? I am that lucky guy who is working and living in Jamaica and I do consider myself lucky!

I was in Canada for 6 weeks (no sun and no saltwater) and the P on my leeks went from 5% to 75%. Way out of hand!

I’ve been back in Jamaica now for 2 weeks and have been in the ocean every day (and getting plenty of sun) and in that short amount of time my P is back to 5% again. I still believe a good dose of sun and salt water do wonders.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how I like the way you handle your email and to wish you a good New Year. -Ruud B.


Ed’s Response: Good to hear from you again, Ruud. I was sorry to hear about your sojourn in Canada. Though I love Canada, I can understand the culture/climate shock it would represent to a resident of Jamaica. I wonder how much of your flaming was caused by the absence of your beloved sun and saltwater and how much by homesick-induced stress?

Best wishes to you, too ... may this year's seasons treat your island home gently! -Ed

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