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When Does Soriatane Start Working?
from Tamsen D.

Hi, next week I will be 42 years old and have had severe psoriasis for 16 years. One remission that lasted eight months. I was prescribed Soriatane and have been taking it for 6 weeks now. My psoriasis is now almost as bad as the last time I was hospitalized. I'm taking the standard dosage of 25 mg/day and not due to go back for evaluation until 1/10/01. I was hoping to find someone that will be able to share their experience with the adjustment period of this drug. Is it going to get better, if so (please God) when? Thanks for your help. I just discovered this website and think it's phenomenal. Cheers. -Tamsen D.


Ed’s Response: As I’ve had no personal experience with Soriatane, Tamsen, I’m cross-posting your email in the PsorHeads forum on "Treatments." Click on the icon, here, to go there. Hopefully some of the good folk there will have some personal experiences to share.

Meanwhile, here’s what the National Psoriasis Foundation says about acitretin (brand name Soriatane):

Soriatane tends to work slowly for plaque psoriasis. After 8 to 16 weeks of therapy, the skin lesions usually will improve, but it may take up to six months for the drug to reach its peak effect. -from Oral Retinoid Therapy, 2000, an NPF Booklet

Elsewhere in the booklet it says derms will frequently use PUVA or UVB light therapy in combination with Soriatane to speed effectiveness.

Drop me a line and let me know how it goes. Meanwhile, good luck! -Ed

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