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What About Soap Lake?
Noreen P.

Hi Ed, I just discovered your site. I spent 4 weeks at the Dead Sea in Israel in August/September 2000. I returned to the States September 25th with 90% healing. Now, 3 months later I am probably still 85% cleared. I don't ever want to go back to Israel for this treatment as it was grueling, exhausting, expensive, etc.

I want to learn something more about Soap Lake, but the information is not very in-depth. Similar to the Dead Sea, it is hard to find anything written by patients who tell you what it is really like. I wrote some "travelogues" while in Israel to send to family and friends and would be happy to share them if anybody would be interested. It is more of "a day in the life" at the Dead Sea, than anything scientific. Also based on what I saw there the healing is dramatic and everybody I met and knew there was significantly healed by their departure date.

Can you direct me to a good place to get info on Soap Lake that might include testimonials, but more than the "how-to" about treatment there?

Wow — I just asked a lot of you didn't I? Any direction would be appreciated. Regards, -Noreen P.


Ed’s Response: Start with Linda L.’s experience at Soap Lake in the Archives here. Linda mentions the place where she stayed in her email, and contact information from the Soap Lake Chamber of Commerce is contained in my response.

Meanwhile ... Please do send along your "travelogues" about your Dead Sea experience. We would be quite interested.

We may just have to launch an expedition to Soap Lake.... -Ed

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