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After Cheery Derm She Gives Up
from Tara W.

Just had to send this one in. I visited my Derm while having had yet another flare up and for the first time ever he was being really sympathetic.... Until he said, "Well look on the bright side, two hundred years ago you'd have been locked up." And then he said, "I know how hard it is on you being a girl and all, but if I had to choose a skin disease I'd pick psoriasis. It's so much cleaner than most of the others."


On a more depressing note, though, I really have given up. I would rather have 60% P (not bad for me) than have another night of putting on creams and bathing in crud. Sorry folks, but I have lost all faith and really don't care any more. -Tara W.


Ed’s Response: I would feel better, Tara, had you said. "I’m going to take a vacation from my P therapies for an indefinite period. I need a rest ... and something else to think about." That doesn’t sound quite so final as "I really have given up."

You know, of course, that if stress is a P trigger for you, fighting your P creates a vicious no-win cycle sometimes. As treatments fail your stress increases thereby exacerbating the P, and on and on and on. In cases like this the ToHellWithIt attitude can be good medicine, at least for awhile. Refusing to continue on the way you have been going breaks the cycle; effectively you walk away from the stress of the regimens. If you are successful at ignoring the P for awhile, that absence of stress may get the best of it and it might improve on its own, like a bully that just runs out of steam when nobody’s left to beat up.

I hope this is what you are going to experience.

In the meantime, I give your Derm a failing grade in bedside manner and patient empathy. Are you one of those disarming females that tend to turn men into blithering idiots? If so, dolts like me might be forgiven for stumbling all over their tongues. But doctors are supposed to know better.

I hope you stay in touch with us Tara ... and I’d like to get an email that starts out "Giving up helps sometimes!" Good luck. -Ed

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