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After PA Diagnosis the Lesions Come
from Kathy S.

I found your site today. It was just yesterday that my doctor decided that PA (psoriatic arthritis) might be what is wrong with me. I have had arthritis symptoms for about a year and have just developed small lesions. The funny thing is that unlike so many of the emails at FlakeHQ, my lesions don't itch. I would have never noticed them if I hadn't stepped in front of the mirror after a shower. The Dr. noticed one on my elbow and asked if I had other spots. I told him they had just appeared during the last week and I just thought they were dry skin due to the cold weather. The diagnosis isn't firm yet, but I sure have most of the symptoms. Guess I had better read further on the site and gain some practical solutions from the rest of you folks. Thanks. -Kathy S.


Ed’s Response: Join the National Psoriasis Foundation, Kathy, and reap the benefits of the enormous information resources now available to NPF members on line at http://www.psoriasis.org. You can even join on line.

You apparently belong to an enviable sub-population of flakers whose lesions don’t itch. I get at least one or two emails from your ranks every year. If I wasn’t so committed to finding a cure, I’d lobby to have some research dollars spent on figuring out what prevents you folks from itching. Whatever you’ve got ... I want some!

If, in the next few weeks, the diagnosis that you are a flaker is confirmed, be comforted by the fact that options for people with P have never been more abundant. And this is good for two reasons: One, the chances that you will find something that works well for you are better than ever and, two, the very fact that we are learning how to live with the disease is — in my mind at least — another indicator that a cure is probably coming soon. (That sounds illogical, I know. It’s right up there with you-don’t-have-major-car-trouble-until-the-warranty-expires, or you-won’t-get-pregnant-until-you-stop-trying.)

Keep us apprized of how you fare, Kathy. -Ed

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