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Mom and Daughter Respond to Paige (Scared Daughter)
from Lori and Mandi

Background: Mom Flakes and This Daughter’s Scared

Ed: I just wanted to respond to Paige who is 15 years old and has a mother who is a flaker.

Paige: I so understand your concern! I pray that you or my 15 year old daughter never have to experience the sadness of psoriasis. But, sweetheart, it's possible that you and my daughter will.

The disease is known to "run" in families. So, that means you have a higher chance than some to get it.

What I want to tell you is that psoriasis made me look at who I was. I thought I was an attractive blonde haired blue-eyed female. The one thing that I thank the disease for is letting me know that I was so much more than that.

I now know that I'm so much more than my physical appearance. I'm a person who is needed and wanted by many people in my life.

My beautiful 15 year old daughter wants and needs me! She is so special, and I see everyday that I add to her life. Not because of how I look, but rather, because of who I am. I also have a 17 year old son who needs me. And, best of all, I have a husband of 18 years who looks beyond the skin disorder and still finds a sexy wife beneath it.

I still struggle EVERY DAY with this damned disorder, but because of it, I have been forced to see and realize that I'm so much more than a physical being. I'm a spiritual being that is loved, needed and cherished by so many important people.

I'm sorry to have bent your ear. You may have already heard all of this, but I just felt compelled to say to you that you are so much more than your physical appearance. I have never really spoken to my family very much about Ed's website (it's my own private little world), but I will encourage my daughter to email you, so the two of you can share concerns. It makes so much sense that u both would have concerns about the disorder. -Lori


Dear Paige: First off I just want to say that I am a little bit nervous emailing someone I don't know, so please overlook anything that I say that is on the lame side. My name is Mandi and just like your mom my mom has P. She is a big fan of that Ed guy and she likes to read some of the letters that people have written him. Tonight, while she was reading them, she happened upon yours and she read it to me. I wanted to tell you that you're not alone on how you are feeling. I have a little P on my ears and in my hair. Sometimes its not too bad, but lately I have noticed when I looked in the mirror that it was getting a little worse than usual, and I found myself worrying about it. You don't know whether it will calm down or get worse, but I just wanted to write you and tell you that I had some of the same feelings that you are having. Thanks for listening. -Mandi


Ed’s Response: I forwarded Lori and Mandi’s emails to Paige. Meanwhile, the sentiments they expressed deserve a much wider audience. My thanks to both Lori and Mandi. -Ed

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