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She Thinks We Should Enjoy the Snow
from Hazel

Hi All from sunny South Africa! Those of you living in the northern hemisphere and getting fed up with snow should really look on it as the best time of year. What better time to be a flaker than when the snow is on the ground, even better when it is falling. Who would guess that the flakes around you were skin a few days ago with all that other white stuff around. Us poor souls in the sunnier climes never get the opportunity to have such a stress free time. Get out in the snow and shake your heads with gusto guys and, while you're at it, have a shake for me. Who knows what this new millennium will bring? One thing I do hope for though is that some brilliant mind will find a cure for P. However, we all have to promise that, even when we don't have P anymore, we will still continue with this web site. Love to all, -Hazel


Ed's Response: What a sweet way to end your New Year's greeting to all of us, friend Hazel: With a not-so-subtle hint that no matter how a cure might free us all from this year-round misfortune, mine-self gets no retirement from webberly duties. <wink> What would I do without this cyber-family? I would hate to go back to answering Santa's mail at the United States Post Office!

Didn't you recently return from holiday on the Isles, Ma'am Hazel? How was it? Photos? -Ed

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