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Theory About Missing Your Metho
from Sherry S.

Ed: In your Briefing last month you wrote, "I was having so much fun Thanksgiving week I forgot to take my eight pills on Tuesday. By today (Sunday, 11/28), my hands are breaking out bad again. Oh well, perhaps I needed a bit of a relapse to further entrench the once-weekly-pill-taking-habit."

Here's a mini hypothesis I'd like to run by you that I derived from what happens to plants when they don't get watered as usual (my cat and plant caretaker is great with cats but not plants): Leaves are draped over the container, wilted, and bedraggled upon my arrival after a week away. I water with a few drops of fertilizer, purr encouragingly, cut away really dried and dead leaves, and a few days later, up come flowers (in this case cyclamen) and new dark green leaves, and after being nearly killed, the plant is healthier than ever. Having accidentally stopped your medicine, have you found that when you restart it, it's even more effective?

Hope that you and your wife and kids are having a great New Year, New Decade, New Century and New Millennium. -Sherry S


Ed's Response: Happy New Year to you, too, Sherry. Your theory about my missing an MTX dose and perhaps having a better response upon resuming is, I'm afraid, wishful thinking on my part. I'm writing this on January 2, and the hands still haven't recovered from that late November set-back.

But I have a counter-theory. Who is fertilizing me, purring encouragingly, and removing my flakes? No, simply walloping down a few pills on a resumed schedule seems, somehow, not to add up to Sherry-style TLC! But keep theorizing! -Ed

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