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P Manifested at Age 56
from Sally B.

Dear Ed: I stumbled on your website about three hours ago and it's as though I found an oasis in the desert. I have read most of it and cried while reading "Don't Say That." I found so much empathy in your website that I just had to write you to give you positive feedback. Yours is the first site where I feel at home.

I would like to add something to "Don't Say That." On explaining to a co-worker about my P, she said "How can you bear to be that itchy? If I am itchy, I scratch and scratch. I'd die if I had psoriasis."

I joined the ranks of the psoriatics less than one year ago at the age of 56. It's been a hellish year, being a flake. I went through three dermatologists in this short time. This third one suggested UVB therapy and it seems to be working for me. After four months of treatment (3 times a week) most of the lesions are fading and the flaking is minimal, but the UVB rays have done nothing for my inverse psoriasis and the lesions in my head. Nevertheless, I am grateful for the amelioration of my condition. But I'm not easily fooled. I know that this is just temporary and I am doomed to continue with this disease for the rest of my life.

So, now you have my history, short, but not sweet.

Thank you again for your website. It is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, -Sally B.


Ed's Response: Since it seems it's your time to flake, whether or not you had found FlakeHQ, I'm glad you did find us and feel at home among us. Lord knows you don't stick out like a sore thumb here.

You've obviously been well counseled or done your homework thoroughly, Sally, because you're not letting yourself become complacent as you achieve some relief through UVB therapy. That's good, because being duped into thinking you're cured makes the usual relapse much more distressing. As others have said in almost every context, "Expect the worst and enjoy it when it doesn't happen."

Keep a stiff upper, Sally. Bookmark FlakeHQ so we're easy to find if/when the lips start to quiver. -Ed

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