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Derms, Flatulence and Respiratory Assist Devices
from Rosy

Wow! I just joined the twenty-first century and found the net and your great site. I have been a P sufferer for over twenty years with over 80% coverage. I have spent years and countless thousands of dollars trying to find a dermatologist who could help me with this "curse"—but with little success.

I have come to the conclusion that most dermatologists are as useful as a fart in an iron lung.

At least your site has given me a good laugh and a more positive attitude, and a desire to continue to find relief.

One of the ladies just gave me a snow scene for Christmas—I really wanted a scratching post for the office. I wonder how many scratching posts I could have worn out over the years because of my flaking?

Imagine this snow scene: Me in my dematologist's Christmas-decorated office snowing flakes all over the decor. What a happy thought.

Recently my dematologist suggested that I start Methotrexate. Having read with great interest your diary on "Meth," and reading the accounts of others, I have decided the risks were not worth the reward. I will continue to search for other treatments. I have just applied to a research study at Rockefeller University in New York City. The study concerns the effect of an antibody—HuM291—on the white blood cells (t-cells). I am waiting to find out if I qualify. The study involves two intravenous infusions over 48 eight hour period, and then followup up visits to evaluate the effect. I am a little nervous, but from the research I've done and the people I talked to it appears to have less risk than "Meth." Will let you know how the experiment works out for me.

Keep up the good work. Laughter is the best medicine. -Rosy


Ed's Response: Don't you forget, Rosy, to let us know about the trial outcome! Even if for some reason they disqualify you, if the reason is share-able, let us know. (I mean, I would understand why you might not want to share their determining that your DNA is not human, or something like that.)

I don't blame you for staying away from the Methotrexate as long as you can. All I can say is, I would have been incapable of handling 80% coverage for 20 years without having tried everything.

Your observation about derms was priceless. Hence I have felt the need to immortalize it in my own paltry simulacrum of needlepoint.... -Ed

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